Child Nutrition

Elementary Schools Menu - November 2019
Middle School Menu - November 2019
High School Menu - November 2019


Student Meal Prices
Effective Aug 2019 
 Elementary Schools $1.80 $2.60
 Middle & High School   $2.05 $2.85
 Reduced Price $.30 $.40
 Milk a la carte  $.50 $.50
 Second Meal         $2.65 $4.00
 Adult Price $2.65 $4.00
Online Credit/Debit payment option for school lunch.  You can set up your account to handle all children enrolled at a Marsh Valley School District school.  You can also set up re-occurring payments.  

There is a 3% user fee to process credit/debit payments.

Instant Payments


This Institution is an equal opportunity provider