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Strategic Plan


Vision StatementThe vision of the Marsh Valley School District is to provide the opportunities, encouragement, and facilities to ensure that each student reaches his or her maximum potential.

Mission StatementThe Mission of the Marsh Valley School District is to provide a safe educational system that promotes excellence in teaching and learning essential curricula that meet State Standards including strong programs in the arts and in activities.

BeliefsWe see education as a partnership between students, parents, educators, and the community.

1.       We believe that the school has a duty to the community to help students learn to have respect for themselves and for all people.

2.      We believe that we must recognize individual differences in abilities, interests, and goals, and we must provide programs that will lead to success.

3.      Our graduates should have the ability to think skillfully, make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and have an appreciation for the arts.

4.      Graduates should have mastered the basic skills required to live and work responsibly within the global community.

5.      Expectation, attitudes, and effort directly affect performance.

6.      We believe that all students should meet the Idaho State Standards for achievement.

Smart Goal:  Pre and post end-of-course assessments will be given to all students K-12.  WISE Improvement Plan Indicators:

·        The district will provide schools with technology, training, and support for integrated data collection, reporting, and analysis systems.

·        The district will set district, school, and student subgroup achievement targets.

·        The superintendent and other central office staff will be accountable for school improvement and student learning outcomes.

·        The district will designate a central office contact person for the school, and that person will maintain close communication with the school and an interest in its      progress.

·        The district will provide the technology, training, and support to facilitate the school’s data management needs.

·        Staff development will be built into the schedule for support staff (e.g., aides, clerks, custodians, cooks) as well as classroom teachers.