Marsh Valley District #21
40 School Street
PO Box 180
Arimo, ID  83214

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Request to Address the Board of Trustees
The Marsh Valley School Board has established this protocol to streamline concerns.  By utilizing the school district system and involving all affected parties  prior to presentation in a School Board Meeting we are able to  address concerns quickly and effectively.


This completed form MUST BE SUBMITTED ON THE FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH AT NOON to be reviewed for the School Board Meeting held that month.

Forms received after the deadline will be reviewed for the School Board Meeting the next month.

Request to Address the Board of Trustees Form (provided in multiple formats)

Google Forms Link Click Here  This format will automatically forward your response to the District Clerk once the form is completed.

Word Form Click Here  

PDF Form Click Here

The Word and PDF formats must be downloaded.  The form can be completed on using these programs or printed out and completed by hand.  Once it is completed please return the form to us via:

Email:   boardclerk@mvsd21.org   
Faxed:  208-254-9243
Mail:     PO Box 180, Arimo, ID  83214.