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Coronavirus Update 3/31/2020

Marsh Valley School District Update 3/31/2020

Dear Marsh Valley Patrons,

A few updates since last Thursday.

  • First the State has told us we will have a 1% hold back on funding from the state right now. They are working on their strategy for next years” finances.
  • The current go back to school date in our state is April 20. There is a lot of conjecture that this will change to align with Federal guidelines in the near future.
  • The IHSAA met today, they said no school sports until April 20 for now. This too may change over time.
  • We still plan on starting online learning April 14, the principals all feel we are ready and will be able to continue our classes almost as usual.
  • Ms. Taylor is working with the state on “redtape” issues for lunches. Right now she plans to have lunches for students to pick up beginning April 13 in Downey, Arimo, Mt. View, and Inkom. Look for further info from her as we get closer.

At this point it is anybody's guess as to whether we will return to school as usual or finish the year in an online learning basis. I’m sure by April 14 students will be ready to hit the books hard again…..

Marsh Valley Administration

Marsh Valley School District Food Service Announcement 3/26/2020

Dear Marsh Valley School Patrons,

As you know COVID-19 is quickly spreading throughout our state. The Governor has asked that we limit our activities so as not to come in physical contact with other people. We have not had classes for a full week now at any of our schools. We will continue to adhere to this no contact order until April 20th or until the State Board of Education asks us to do otherwise.

Our local school board met on March 17th. At this meeting, they decided we would not have school or any school activities from March 19th through spring break which ends April 13. The board will then assess the situation and take any action that is reasonable at that time. School will resume with online learning April 14, as per the State Board of Education until April 20th.

We are hopeful that the education process will then be able to resume in our buildings however, we will continue to follow the guide lines we are given at the state level. Our teachers are preparing to do online classes to help our students. Hopefully this “pandemic” will run its course quickly with very little ill effect in our community.

Thank you for supporting education in our school district!

Marsh Valley Administration

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