K-12 Math Curriculum being Reviewed

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SuccessMaker demo accounts

These demo accounts are set to expire on 12/13/2023. :)

Site URL: https://successmaker2023review.smhost.net/

Select the button that says, "Enter Here" which will take you to a screen where you can enter the usernames and passwords listed below. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

Teacher Username: Teacher-Reviewer63   Password: S-maker22

Student Username: S-maker22

Password for grade K: GKStudent-Demo8

Password for 1st Grade: G1Student-Demo8

Password for 2nd Grade: G2Student-Demo8

Password for 3rd Grade: G3Student-Demo8

Password for 4th Grade: G4Student-Demo8

Password for 5th Grade: G5Student-Demo8

Password for 6rd Grade: G6Student-Demo8

Password for 7th Grade: G7Student-Demo8

Password for 8th Grade: G8Student-Demo8

Stepping Stones K-6

Digital Trial Account
Webpage: https://www.origoaccess.com/login

Teacher Username:  trialaccessss59@origomath.com

Teacher Password: Stones123

Student Username: studenta59

Student Password: 123Stones

Imagine Learning Illustrative Mathematics PreK-12

Marsh Valley Joint School District 21 Access info.

URL: https://region6.ilclassroom.com/

Username: marshvalleyjointsd21@example.com

Password: teacher

End Date: 01/21/24

Multiple users can use the same login. 

Special Services  Review Curriculum

Padlet: Getting To Know Number Worlds (Password: NW) 

Online Demo: 

Website: https://my.mheducation.com/login  


Password: mathMH2022 

SE Username: NumberWorldsSE 

Password: mathMH2022 

 (Corrective Math 3rd Tab)

Direct Instruction Math Programs Padlet

Password: DImath

Padlet: Getting To Know Connecting Math Concepts (PW: CMC) 

 Online Demo: 

Website: https://my.mheducation.com/login  

TE Username: DIuser 

Password: McH2024di

Padlet: Getting To Know Essestials for Algebra (PW: DImath) 

 Online Demo: 

Website: https://my.mheducation.com/login  

TE Username: DIuser 

Password: McH2024di